Calling the Shots: Nursing News and Notes


Power to the Patient Through Patient-Centered Care
Patient-centered care can be defined in different ways. But at its essence is a central theme: Power to the patient.
How Long-Term Care Facilities Can Improve Quality Scores
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) developed the Five Star Quality Rating System to help patients and their families evaluate quality when choosing long-term care (LTC) facilities. CMS recently changed the Five Star Quality Rating System criteria – and as a result, the tougher standards, revamped assessments and refined metrics have had a negative impact on LTC facilities’ quality ratings. 
For 14 consecutive years, nurses have earned the top spot in a Gallup poll that ranked honesty and ethics among professionals.
For 14 consecutive years, nurses have earned the top spot in a Gallup poll that ranked honesty and ethics among professionals.
Vaccine Exemptions Up for Debate
Following the Disneyland measles outbreak, lawmakers in 10 states are moving to make vaccine exemptions harder to obtain. The issue remains an intensely divisive one.
Today’s healthcare environment puts nurses in the increasingly important role of teaching their patients prior to discharge. Their effectiveness as teachers can significantly impact the facility’s readmission rates, patient satisfaction rates and federal financial penalty amounts.
Poorly Sterilized Scopes Expose Patients to CRE
Two culprits were involved in recent drug-resistant infection outbreaks: duodenoscopes that prevented proper disinfection and a family of superbugs known collectively as CRE.
Long shifts, arduous work, heavy patient loads, new technology, continuing education and work-life balance can conspire to make nursing one of the hardest jobs a person can do, so it’s no wonder that nursing fatigue is a growing problem. 
Costly, Deadly and Often Preventable. How Hospitals are Tackling Inpatient
Fall prevention is a chief concern at hospitals across the country.
The industry's largest health IT conference kicks off April 12
Nursing in Cold Weather: 5 Top Health Hazards
While winter weather doesn’t actually make patients sick, it still impacts people’s health. Nurses can help patients avoid some common cold weather health hazards as well as dispel misconceptions about how freezing temperatures can affect our health. Here are the top 5 health hazards that cold weather can bring.


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