Care Delivery Integration

Lippincott Solutions provides the latest evidence-based practice information that can be linked directly from your EMR-based Care Delivery processes. Providing this clinical informatics solution ensures that the clinical staff has fingertip access to both the patient data and the Lippincott information right at the point of care.

For example, clinicians who are caring for a patient with a myocardial infarction need the critical patient information that the EMR provides. They also need on-the-spot answers about the disease process, pertinent diagnostic tests, nursing procedures, signs and symptoms, patient education, and other clinical details—all neatly synthesized and immediately available from the Lippincott software. Your links to the Lippincott programs gives your staff access to this information directly from the EMR.

Why Augment Your EMR With Lippincott Solutions?

It’s simple ... linking your EMR with Lippincott products gives your staff direct access to both the full patient medical record and the clinical resources needed to care for the patient while helping your organization meet its Meaningful Use goals of providing complete and accurate information and better access to information. Depending on your EMR vendor and the availability of your information technology department to perform these connections, there are several methods and options to consider.

Info Button Technology

Most EMR vendors provide info button technology that allows direct access to specific entries in Lippincott Advisor via embedded codes used to identify medical diagnoses (ICD-9/10 and SNOMED), drugs (RxNorm), and diagnostic tests (LOINC).

The embedded codes are programmed into the EMR data architecture through an identifier and description process, which automatically generates an info button link (where appropriate) within the patient’s EMR. For example, a clinician can bring up a patient record containing one or more of these codes, simply click on the info button  and go directly to the evidence-based health information needed in Lippincott Advisor.                                                             

Care Plan Integration

If you have installed Care Plans into your EMR, hyperlinks can be inserted that point directly to entries in Lippincott Procedures and Lippincott Advisor products. 

For example, if your facility uses the Provation Care Plan program, which features evidence-based Lippincott care plans, you can enable URL links to connect any rule or intervention statement in the care plan to related clinical information found in the products. 

This information includes essential details on Diseases, Procedures, Diagnostic Tests, Drugs, Signs and Symptoms, Patient Education, Sentinel Events, Treatments, and more.

Header and Home Page Links

Clinical informatics can also provide access to Lippincott Solutions products from an EMR through the use of a header or tab link that points directly to the main Lippincott Procedures and Lippincott Advisor product pages.

Depending on your EMR vendor capabilities, this link can be accomplished by placing an icon in the EMR header, in the patient record templates, or via a customized tab that appears in every patient chart.


Search Widget

You can also easily create a Search Widget that links to Lippincott Solutions products. Depending on your EMR vendor, a Widget can be created using API and parameters that are used by the service to authenticate the transactions.


Supporting Meaningful Use 

QuoteEach of these linking methods enable your organization to provide direct access to both the individual patient record and the clinical information required to care for the patient, thus meeting the Meaningful Use goals of providing complete and accurate information and better access to information for your clinical staff!

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