Lippincott Procedures

Customer Feedback & Testimonials

Customer Feedback

72% of customer survey respondents cited time-savings when searching for procedures information when using Lippincott Procedures.

66% of customer survey respondents said using Lippincott Procedures improved standardization of procedures within their facility.

76% agreed that Lippincott Procedures helped them save time developing and reviewing procedures.

Customers also shared that Lippincott Procedures:

  • Increased the evidence-based nature of their procedures
  • Increased consistency among units
  • Gives them the ability to retire older facility-specific procedures, and
  • Provides a tool for training new nurses 


“Like the quick lists – they are invaluable and helpful for a quick review. Lippincott Procedures saves us time in that we don’t need to develop a didactic module for education. If Lippincott already has it, there’s no need to reinvent it.

We also like that it’s evidence based. We need Lippincott to be as up-to-date as possible.”

Lois Bentler-Lampe, MS, RN-BC
Director of Nursing Education, OSF HealthCare System, Peoria, IL

“I consider Lippincott Procedures the gold standard of nursing practice. Ten years ago everyone had the book and now we have migrated to the electronic version. When the Joint Commission sees that you have Lippincott, they don’t have to look much further since we are practicing evidence-based nursing.”

Kristin E. Davies, MSN, RN
Clinical Educator and Student Nurse Coordinator, Grand View Hospital, Sellersville, PA

“We are pleased to provide our nurses with Lippincott Procedures, a top notch clinical resource that will allow them to give the very best quality patient care. This investment in technology from such a distinguished publisher supports our mission to deliver superior healthcare services to our customers.”

Carole DiFlorio, RN, MSN, CNAA
Chief Nursing Officer, Wellington Regional Medical Center, Universal Health Services

“Thanks for all your assistance with our project.  The P&P team here has only about 25 more procedures to review before we put online for all staff.  They have used some as they are and have personalized some specific for our hospital.  We will then add others to the database that we need but are not available in Lippincott.  Everyone has been so positive and so pleased with the quality of the material.”

Karen Pennington, RN, MS
Chief Nursing Officer, Johnston Memorial Hospital, Abingdon, VA

“I would love to give you feedback on the product. It is really easy to use and the nurses love it. They no longer have to carry or search for the old handbook of nursing procedures. I did have to change some of the policies online and it is really easy to do this. I also use the checklist as a way of credentialing nurses as well on procedures. We have been using this now for 3 plus years, and it is great because as they add updates or changes based upon the professional sources it changes automatically, and you don’t have to wonder if you have updated all of your staff, like the old paper ones. I really don’t see any drawbacks to be honest with you.”

Tim Simpson, MS, RN, CHPN
VP Clinical Services, Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care

“I was just told this morning by some of our unit-based educators that Lippincott is wonderful, it's really helping!! We love the system. One of my better decisions!! Our unit-based educators are doing staff competencies right now, and Lippincott has REALLY made that easier.”

Deborah Clack
Chief Nursing Officer, Hunt Memorial Hospital District, Commerce, TX

Customer references available upon request.