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Customer Choice ProgramLippincott Professional Development provides hospitals and other healthcare organizations with a web-based, interactive professional development library of online training programs designed to optimize nursing performance, increase clinical knowledge, promote staff competence, and improve patient outcomes.

Developed by clinical experts, each program concentrates on a specific subject area or specialty and contains a series of e-courses in a variety of interactive formats, including professional development tutorials, case studies and competency evaluations.

Course content is delivered through user-friendly resources such as videos, images, charts and audio. These learning aids improve information retention and build staff confidence as competency, skills and performance improve. Question-and-Answer activities and post-course tests encourage individual progress assessment. Robust administrative capabilities in our administrative platform (Lippincott's Online Learning Center) allow for full staff tracking, including the ability to assign required and optional courses, set passing scores, view staff progress, and calculate unit and group success.

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